CorLink helps provide faster access to cash flow for your merchant customers by facilitating same-day or next-day provisional credit on cash deposits from smart safes.



CorLink can be your single point of entry to the bank's DDA system – virtually eliminating security concerns, the IT burden of having to support multiple vendors, and data integrity issues.

Get up to Speed With Your Merchant Customers

Using traditional manual processes to post provisional credit to your customers' accounts can take far too long, affecting your customers' businesses and their satisfaction with your institution. Also, relying on armored carriers to help automate this process often requires that you manage multiple touchpoints for multiple carriers, requiring additional IT support.

Provisional Credit … Simplified

CorLink automatically accepts deposit information files from armored carriers and integrates to your bank's account processing platform for daily posting of provisional credit. This helps to eliminate manual postings, reduce keying errors and enable your institution to quickly and easily expand its smart safe offering.

Automated Account Posting and Accelerated Credit Posting

CorLink provides electronic posting of daily credit to one or multiple account processing platforms to support provisional merchant credit on their smart safe deposits, helping improve your service level while you increase staff productivity and lower costs.

Facilitating same-day or next-day credit for smart safe deposits, CorLink supports the stringent cash flow requirements of your merchant customers to promote higher customer satisfaction.

Expand Your Smart Safe Offering

CorLink seamlessly integrates with armored carrier and core account processing systems to make it quick and easy for your organization to expand its smart safe offering to support merchant customers.



  • Enterprise visibility that is independent of the armored carrier
  • Simplified IT integration with a single bank touch point
  • Accelerated deposit processing and crediting to improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs to increase profitability
  • Reduced errors and risk for data accuracy and compliance
  • Opportunity to grow smart safe business and improve armored carrier relationships

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CorLink Fact Sheet

CorLink® from Fiserv automatically accepts deposit information files from multiple armored carriers with different hardware systems and integrates to your bank's account processing platform for daily posting of provisional credit.

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Cash continues to be a preferred payment method for many consumers and its use continues to grow. But how much does cash cost your merchant customers? CorPoint® manages the entire cash supply chain through two modules, Order Manager and Deposit Manager.

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