CorPoint from Fiserv provides a hardware- and courier-independent cash management system and smart safe solution to eliminate manual processes, reduce risk and help boost profitability for you and your commercial customers.



Merchant customers are turning to technology and cash management systems such as smart safes to streamline, simplify and automate cash deposit management and change ordering processes. CorPoint can provide end-to-end intelligent cash management for merchants to handle their cash management needs on a single platform. Merchants using CorPoint can improve cash flow and enterprise visibility, reducing the cost of handling cash and increasing security for their customers and employees.

CorPoint is a bank-branded, turnkey solution that provides you with the technology, hardware and integration to help solve for your merchant customers' cash management needs.




  • Courier independence can give financial institutions and merchants flexibility to choose one or multiple transportation services
  • Hardware agnostic, CorPoint can work with existing smart safe and recycler systems
  • Set up for automated posting of a daily provisional credit file from couriers to core
  • Integrated cash management and smart safe programs for hardware, software, installation and provisional credit
  • Centralized view and alerts of cash orders and deposits by who, what, when and where for all store locations on a web-based platform
  • Remote management capabilities to help centrally update common safe configurations

CorPoint can help banks:

  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones
  • Increase service charge income and grow commercial deposits
  • Reduce operating costs to support cash-intensive customers
  • Identify new opportunities to cross-sell additional treasury and lending solutions
  • Level the playing field against large national competitors
  • Provide customers with options versus going with a single armored courier

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1st Source Bank Counts on CorPoint for Smart Safe Program

More retailers are depending on banks for smart safe programs that offer greater flexibility. Hear how 1st Source Bank was able to offer an intelligent, flexible cash management solution to one of their largest clients.

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Innovations in Remote Cash Capture Put Financial Institutions in the Driver's Seat

For merchants, couriers and banks, cash handling involves slow and error-prone manual activities. A growing number of institutions are turning to remote cash capture (RCC) products that speed up the process and offer their customers a sweeter deal.

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Cash continues to be a preferred payment method for many consumers and its use continues to grow. But how much does cash cost your merchant customers? CorPoint® manages the entire cash supply chain through two modules, Order Manager and Deposit Manager.

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CorPoint: Deposit Manager

Managing the deposit process remains both labor- and risk-intensive for many retailers, eroding profitability. CorPoint®: Deposit Manager from Fiserv is designed to strengthen your customer relationships while generating revenue opportunities for your institution.

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CorPoint: Hardware

CorPoint®: Hardware enables retailers to automate cash handling, reduce risks to the store and increase overall profitability with smart safe hardware devices.

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CorPoint: Remote Manager Fact Sheet

CorPoint®: Remote Manager from Fiserv provides unparalleled access and reporting of smart safe health at the device level.

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