Get real-time visibility into the costs and performance drivers of your enterprise supply chain with the Performance View™ from Fiserv business intelligence and supply chain analysis tool.



Knowing what is happening at every point of your currency supply chain when it happens is increasingly critical in today's competitive, evolving markets. Financial institutions need real-time visibility into the costs and performance of their enterprise supply chains. A business intelligence reporting and supply chain analysis tool like Performance View gives your bank the insight it needs to correctly react to the dynamic nature of a currency supply chain.

Performance View is a Web-based business intelligence reporting suite that delivers comprehensive monitoring, data gathering, analysis and reporting for your bank's enterprise supply chain in real time. With the business information gleaned with Performance View and its user-friendly interface, your bank's employees can easily identify important new business opportunities without any specialized or technical expertise. Users of all skill levels can use this supply chain reporting tool to create reports quickly and easily in a fraction of the time it takes to do the same tasks with traditional reporting systems.

When integrated with other Cash and Logistics solutions from Fiserv, Performance View creates a single point of access to many facets of asset management. This allows you to produce new far-reaching value for your financial institution and its customers.



Performance View delivers comprehensive monitoring, data gathering, analysis and reporting for your currency supply chain in real time. It includes the following features:

  • Reports that can be automatically scheduled to run and deliver the results to the correct audience
  • Dashboards that simplify large volumes of data, which allows users to manage by exception
  •  The ability to drill down to a fine level of detail in order to examine an indicator’s impact on your financial institution's currency supply chain
  • Real-time data that offers instant access to information that is critical to your bank's operations
  • Ad hoc report creation directly from users' desktops that reduces the IT and DBA departments' workloads
  • Availability as either an installed in-house solution or as an ASP option hosted by Fiserv

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