With Integrated Currency Manager™ from Fiserv, you can automatically and accurately forecast customers' cash demands at every type of cash point, including ATMs and branches, and more easily manage your bank's enterprise currency requirements.



People expect money to pop out of the ATM the minute they type in their PIN, so an empty ATM has a negative impact on both the customer's impression of the bank and the bank's revenue. However, an overstocked ATM wastes capital that could be invested to generate interest income. To correctly manage its currency supply chain, your bank needs to accurately predict cash requirements at all cash points, even during spikes in customers' demand for cash.

Integrated Currency Manager is a Web-based cash supply chain management and optimization tool that automates precise cash forecasts for cash points, including ATMs, branches, vendors and vaults. It combines complex forecasting functionality with historical trends to reduce currency outages and expensive emergency deliveries to restock empty ATMs. It also optimizes your bank's transportation schedules so you can balance the cost of currency with the cost of delivering it. Through accurate forecasting, it eliminates excess currency inventories across your enterprise, increases the availability of capital for investment and ensures cash points are stocked for your customers.

Integrated Currency Manager can also help generate a new revenue stream. With its automated currency management and robust communication and reporting tools, you can offer fee-based currency supply chain management services to respondent banks, partners and corporate customers.

As a crucial component of the Fiserv Cash Forecasting and Optimization offering, Integrated Currency Management lets you easily manage your enterprise currency requirements across your bank's self-service device network.



Integrated Currency Manager is designed to support any organization responsible for supplying, managing and transporting currency across multiple cash points and locations, either across town or around the world. With powerful automation and forecasting algorithms, it includes the following features:

  • Sophisticated analysis and reporting that delivers a centralized view of currency activity across the enterprise so your organization can quickly adjust to shifts in cash demand
  • Robust forecasting capabilities that result in currency inventory reductions of 20 to 40 percent
  • Links to all key elements of the currency network to recommend the most efficient cash delivery schedules, indicate if vault depots have enough currency to fulfill orders and notify the correct currency operations resources when balances are low
  • Support for multiple currencies and regional regulations to help your bank address various cross-territory regulatory requirements instituted by the Central Bank
  • Secure and scalable Web-based design that easily accommodates one to thousands of cash points
  • Availability as either an in-house solution installed on your bank's existing infrastructure or as a hosted software as a service (SaaS)/ASP option

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Integrated Currency Manager

Outsourcing Integrated Currency Manager™ from Fiserv ensures optimal cash levels at your institution's ATMs and branches to maximize cash availability for customers and improve the financial institution's overall cash position for capital investment.

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