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Device Manager

Automate and simplify the end-to-end management of all of your bank's self-service devices, from detecting and resolving a problem to dispatching service personnel, with Device ManagerTM from Fiserv.



ATMs and other customer self-service devices are found everywhere people shop and customers have grown accustomed to the convenience. A wide-ranging network of self-service devices, including ATMs, kiosks and POS devices, keeps a financial institution's customers happy and offers a lower-cost channel for transactions. To offer the best possible customer experience and minimize the costs associated with a self-service network, your bank needs intelligent device management tools that keep the devices in top working order and fully stocked with currency.

Device Manager provides robust device management capabilities that automate the end-to-end process of detecting and resolving problems across your bank's self-service device network. With up-to-the-minute transaction data and business intelligence, it increases device and network availability through improved fault management, service management and proactive troubleshooting. Device Manager uses real-time alerts to determine currency availability and transaction activity on self-service devices and to prioritize service calls across the network.

Device Manager makes your bank's self-service network flexible enough to manage many different types of devices and intelligent enough to increase device availability in real time. Based on an open architecture, it can be integrated into and scaled to any size network. Device Manager easily accommodates new equipment, new messages and larger business rule sets, so the system can grow along with your bank.



Device Manager is an event-driven problem management system that receives, analyzes, responds to and manages critical self-service device information. It is designed to make real-time management of large networks of self-service devices easier and simpler. Device Manager features include: 

  • Automated problem detection and resolution and service provider dispatching and management to increase the availability of self-service devices
  • Real-time tracking of self-service device statuses that enables automatic currency replenishment scheduling and automatic dispatching to service providers
  • Optional Terminal Connect module provides the highest levels of functionality and integration across devices from all manufacturers
  • Automated vendor management for all major service providers that tracks vendor performance and enables significant service cost reductions by identifying the worst performing vendors
  • Advanced business analytics and reporting capabilities that give you the reporting flexibility you need
  • Easily create reports, dashboards and charts though an easy-to-use drag and drop user interface
  • Support for all device types, including ATMs, kiosks, self-service devices, Teller Cash devices and POS devices, from any vendor