With CorPoint® from Fiserv, your bank can offer its merchant customers cost-effective cash management services that streamline, simplify and automate the cash supply chain.



As long as consumers carry cash to pay for their purchases, merchants will have to handle currency. Cash control can be demanding as merchants struggle to balance the cash reserves they keep for daily operations with depositing money at the bank. To improve cash control, merchants need a currency management system that streamlines, simplifies and automates ordering cash and depositing it. With CorPoint from Fiserv, your bank can offer merchant customers a cost-effective solution for managing the entire cash supply chain.

CorPoint is divided into two powerful modules: CorPoint: Order Manager and CorPoint: Deposit Manager. CorPoint: Order Manager automates the cash order process. It offers merchants order tracking, forecasting and reconciliation tools to efficiently manage their financial operations. CorPoint: Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated cash deposit solution that streamlines the cash handling process, from delivering cash in an armored truck to reconciling store totals with the bank.

As an end-to-end cash management solution, CorPoint gives merchants greater accountability through a centralized view of cash order activity, improves their cash flow and availability, reduces the cost of transporting cash and increases security by encrypting electronic deposit information.  

CorPoint helps your bank improve revenues, enhance customer service and promote customer acquisition and retention. Available either as a standalone or hosted service, CorPoint is also accessible to smaller banks and credit unions that do not have extensive IT infrastructures.



CorPoint is an end-to-end cash management solution that reduces the time-consuming manual processes associated with merchants ordering and depositing cash. Features include:

  • Quick, easy cash ordering through either an online portal or an automated telephone system
  • 24x7 access to the Web portal to check cash order status, investigate order history and deposit history and obtain reconciliation data via dashboards and reporting
  • Support for a variety of remote cash capture data feeds so merchants can use their preferred armored transportation providers

CorPoint offers your bank the control and convenience necessary to handle cash management operations for multiple merchant customers. Features include:

  • Credit limit checks on cash orders at either the location or corporate level to protect your financial institution
  • Aggregation of merchant customer information that easily produces a single file for updating customer accounts with provisional credit information
  • Integration with your bank's core deposit system

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Cash continues to be a preferred payment method for many consumers and its use continues to grow. But how much does cash cost your merchant customers? CorPoint® manages the entire cash supply chain through two modules, Order Manager and Deposit Manager.

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