Fiserv offers integrated currency and self-service device management solutions that reduce costs and optimize efficiencies.

Financial institutions are challenged to ensure that a growing number of cash points – including branches, vaults, ATMs, smart safes, teller cash recyclers and other automated devices – are stocked with optimal cash levels and continuously available. To remain competitive, the need is growing for integrated technologies to forecast currency levels, monitor self-service devices, track and reconcile shipment and deliveries, and analyze profitability. Fiserv offers a comprehensive and integrated set of solutions and consulting services to achieve the many facets of managing currency and other value based assets within financial institutions, retailers and service providers.


Our Solution

Cash & Logistics Solutions from Fiserv are designed to eliminate processing silos and point solution barriers that impact organizations managing cash and other assets across the globe. As the only provider with consulting expertise and integrated solutions across the entire currency supply chain, we are uniquely positioned to help your organization drive down costs, grow revenues and address regulatory challenges at an enterprise level. Our customer-centric solutions and services are helping enterprises across the globe ensure continued growth and success. Solution features include:

  • Currency forecasting: Addresses the dynamic supply chain requirements of supplying, managing and transporting currency across multiple cash points and locations
  • Cash order and deposit management: Streamlines, automates and simplifies currency management for your merchants
  • Device management: Provides end-to-end problem management for your entire self-service device network
  • Decision support, measurement and asset management: Provides intelligence across your self-service channel
  • Enterprise track and trace: Streamlines delivery and management processes to reduce expenses, minimize errors, mitigate risk and improve service
  • Automated invoice validation and reconciliation: Eliminates losses due to vendor errors while improving the management of vendor relationships
  • Web-based business intelligence reporting: Delivers comprehensive monitoring, data gathering, analysis and reporting for your enterprise supply chain in real time
  • Deposit reclassification: Lets you sweep transaction account balances into non-transaction accounts, transforming previously idle funds into income-earning investment assets


Our Cash & Logistics Solutions help you:

  • Reduce non-earning assets and optimize revenue by lowering reserve requirements, reducing currency overages or outages, increasing the volume of working capital, creating revenue generating products and monitoring channel profitability
  • Reduce costs and control spend management through automating processes to increase productivity, improve transportation and vendor management, validating invoice accuracy and reducing audit and IT expenses
  • Manage risk and compliance by achieving cost-effective regulatory compliance, fraud mitigation, central policy control and sensitive information oversights
  • Facilitate world-class customer service through improving currency and self-service device availability, ensuring continuous operations and improving adherence to service level agreements (SLAs)

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Cash & Logistics Overview Video

Cash & Logistics from Fiserv offers integrated, end-to-end solutions and consulting services that help financial institutions, retailers and service providers reduce expenses, optimize currency levels and improve control.

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