For more than 30 years, Fiserv has served the technology needs of the wealth management industry, helping clients maximize efficiency and solve business challenges.

The financial industry is undergoing profound change in the way it must serve investors. With the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule now official, the mood in the wealth management industry has turned from anticipation and uncertainty to a focus on how best to comply.

Fiserv supports many of the industry's largest banks, broker-dealers and insurance companies with technology solutions and we have been in consultative conversations with them about the DOL ruling. Together, we've learned that a managed-account framework, where professional financial advisors "manage" the investment accounts, is a viable solution to help firms comply with the new fiduciary ruling.


Our Solution

Fiserv offers integrated, front-to-back wealth management solutions to help your firm deliver on goals-based wealth management the promise of the unified managed household (UMH) – a single view of total assets and liabilities for each customer household, actionable data for optimal financial planning and decisions, and all the automation for portfolio construction, trade execution and rebalancing, portfolio accounting, performance calculation and reporting.

Fiserv technology is transforming the way financial advice can be delivered. Stand-alone institutional asset management solutions are also available for certain back-office capabilities.




Benefits of our Wealth Management solutions include:

  • Financial Advice Management
  • Portfolio Management & Trading
  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Performance and Portfolio Reporting
  • Billing Services
  • Model Management

Institutional Management

Benefits of our Institutional Asset Management solutions include:

  • Post-trade processing
  • High-volume performance calculation and analytics
  • Fee billing

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