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Retirement Illustrator

Retirement Illustrator from Fiserv provides a clear view of a client’s financial standing – today and throughout retirement – by forecasting and analyzing their full financial picture, including assets, income, expenses, liabilities and insurance.



Missing from most retirement planning tools is the ability to tell a compelling story of how a firm’s products can transform a customer’s situation for the better. To address this, Retirement Illustrator provides a powerful way for financial professionals to demonstrate how annuities, life insurance and long term care can improve a customer’s financial outlook. With Retirement Illustrator, customer sessions are interactive and flexible to your practice. Build a plan of action that captures a dynamic analysis. Create a holistic financial picture for your customers with Retirement Illustrator.



  • "What if" analysis: Compare feature enables advisors to contrast scenarios side by side in order to find and illustrate the best solutions for customers. Monte Carlo simulations are used to analyze probabilities of a retirement goal’s success based on historical data across any number of asset classes
  • Portfolio analysis: This retirement planning tool portrays the customer’s current investment mix as compared to a suggested model. Information in the analysis is organized by asset class and is pictured in a colorful pie chart with guidance on how to align their portfolio with a recommended, diversified model
  • Detailed summary and action plan: Retirement Illustrator comprises a full package takeaway for customers. Deliver advice the proper way by demonstrating the facts and painting a clear, holistic financial picture, which can be provided to the client in a printable report

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