Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions from Fiserv offer complete portfolio management capabilities that provide today’s investment managers with critical portfolio management, trading and administrative tools – all in an integrated environment.

Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions provide you the tools for active portfolio management, decision support and trading across multiple programs including separately managed accounts, unified managed account, mutual fund advisory, exchange traded funds, rep as manager and non-discretionary programs. Our trading solutions utilize institutional best practices and support the entire portfolio management process – from portfolio construction and compliance review to order generation and trade execution. These trading tools are comprised of decision support tools for developing investment strategies and creating trade scenarios based on the current trading environment or on established parameters.


Our Solution

Designed to optimize efficiency and reduce operating expenses, Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions support institutional and managed-account product needs for domestic and global investments.

A fully integrated enterprise solution with unparalleled network across the industry, our technology is built to meet the specialized investment needs of your managed account business.

Whether providing portfolio management solutions that allow program sponsors to offer their customers a wide variety of investment options within a single unified platform, or enabling firms to customize their mutual fund advisory program, we provide market defining technology solutions for the managed accounts marketplace.

Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions offer an integrated product suite that supports the entire investment management process – from account screening and portfolio validation to order generation and trade execution. It has been designed to fit within a firm’s existing operational architecture.

Fiserv technology treats managed account programs the same, operating as a product-agnostic platform or chassis:

  • Unified managed account (UMA)
  • Separately managed account (SMA)
  • Mutual fund advisory (MFA)
  • Rep as portfolio manager (RPM)
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Multi-sleeve accounts work as UMAs, with traditional SMAs, MFAs, RPMs and ETFs set up as sleeves, providing your firm the ability to seamlessly transition from single- to multi-sleeve products.



Our Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions reduce errors and create efficiencies throughout the investment management process. Combining a Web-based user interface with sophisticated optimization and risk modeling tools, Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions enable you to implement investment strategies consistently and efficiently across all portfolios and asset classes. Other benefits include:

  • Leveraging the Fiserv Network, the industry’s most expansive network of managed accounts data and connectivity available
  • Customizable trading solutions that support all managed account programs
  • Portfolio and model construction
  • Real-time “what-if” analysis and rebalancing
  • Industry-leading scalability
  • Industry-leading network that connects managers and sponsors
  • Real-time allocation processing
  • Tighter dispersion with less operational risk

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RPM and RPA Trading on Unified Wealth Platform

Unified Wealth Platform from Fiserv allows advisors to spend less time working in applications and more time advising clients. It provides a single advisor-facing platform that supports both full-discretion and nondiscretionary managed account programs.

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Unified Managed Accounts Infographic

Unified Managed Account programs are among the fastest growing in the managed account space.

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UMA Trading on Unified Wealth Platform

Unified managed account (UMA) trading from Fiserv facilitates a seamless transition from single to multisleeve programs and enables advisors to take a comprehensive approach to their investors' total portfolios.

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Advisor Portfolio Management and Trading on Unified Wealth Platform Fact Sheet

Fiserv provides a single platform for financial advisors managing full-discretion and non-discretionary accounts by offering enhanced portfolio management and trading tools, targeted workflows, ease of customization, configurability and graphical displays from a single dashboard.

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