AdvisorVisionTM provides powerful, comprehensive financial planning tools for enterprise financial institutions and independent advisors. The technology allows investment professionals to deliver higher quality financial advice and create customized financial plans for the various financial and lifestyle goals of each customer.



Financial advisors have been challenged to find the financial planning tool that is powerful enough for modeling complex client scenarios, yet easy enough to use and scale their practice. Advisors need to generate results that can be understood by customers — while highlighting the specific financial needs and products marketed by the advisor.

AdvisorVision represents the most sophisticated portfolio construction/planning engine available in the industry today. It is consistently validated by industry experts and market research firms as best-in-class for highly scalable, enterprise class planning tools. AdvisorVision automates much of the data input by integrating with external data sources, including the customer database and current asset valuations to maximize advisor productivity. The solution’s advanced data model allows it to prepare and analyze complex planning scenarios based on sophisticated tax, estate planning and financial strategies — quickly and easily.



AdvisorVision supports a complete range of financial and retirement planning functions including:

  • Client relationship management
  • Portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • Investment proposals
  • Investor needs and risk analysis
  • Retirement income sales

The solution can be configured so that the separate modules can be mixed-and-matched – like puzzle pieces to support the number of functions financial professionals perform – or it may be purchased as a complete solution.

Specific features include:

  • Automated strategies:

    AdvisorVision can automatically generate strategies to meet customer goals within established parameters, without manually juggling inputs to find a successful plan
  • Monte Carlo simulation:

    Analyzes plan success probabilities based on the most detailed historical data available
  • Customized risk assessment:

    Each organization — or individual advisor — can create their own risk assessment methodology, to help tailor advice and promote specific products
  • Scenario builders:

    Advisors can easily create "what-if?" and alternative scenarios off the base plan, to allow for contingencies and alternative funding strategies, with a minimum of effort
  • Arbitrary goal analysis:

    Factor in a broad range of prioritized goals beyond retirement funding and distribution, for a holistic plan can create their own risk assessment methodology, to help tailor advice and promote specific products
  • Support for a complete range of financial planning functions:

    Debt management, portfolio construction, estate planning, tax planning, and life insurance and long-term care

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