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You can stop worrying about finding and hiring the specialized staff you need for personalized document creation, regulations compliance, effective communications programs, and EOB and remittance processing. Fiserv is your go-to partner for outsourced health insurance-related services that will help you meet ongoing legislative pressures while improving member relationships.

In the highly regulated and competitive market, are you constantly seeking ways to improve member satisfaction, increase your market share and meet tighter privacy requirements — all while reducing costs? Are you feeling the pressure to reduce claims through improved member communication programs with personalized wellness and behavior modification information? If so, you know that integrating healthcare transaction data with educational and promotional information to provide innovative, personalized communication is key to pleasing and keeping members.

And if you’re looking to increase productivity and cash flow, we offer revenue management solutions for the healthcare industry that can be private-labeled so your customers see only your logo and brand name. Our automated EOB and remittance processing saves you time which can be re-directed to delivering more quality patient care.

With Fiserv, you can grow market share, build member satisfaction and count on us to stay "in the know" about the data and trends that shape your business. Let us help.


Our Solution

A global leader with decades of experience, Fiserv has your back — and front office — covered. Here’s how we can help your healthcare business:

  • Improve operational efficiency: You can eliminate the costs associated with printing in-house by outsourcing your healthcare communications. Our leading-edge technology helps you maximize member communication while avoiding capital investment and meeting tighter privacy requirements
  • Enhance member communication: Deliver the right message to the right member at the right time. By combining transactional and educational content, your communications can encourage wellness and disease prevention to reduce claims
  • Migrate to multichannel delivery: We have extensive experience in helping clients move from paper to electronic format. By delivering member communications in the manner they prefer, such as email and SMS, you reduce costs while making your communications more effective
  • Improve cash flow and productivity: You can automate EOB posting, improve reconciliation and accelerate cash application. Our sophisticated technology and processing helps you improve the speed and quality of your payment process without making capital investments


Our solutions enable you to offer best-of-breed services without investing in new technology and IT resources. Here’s how that helps you:

  • Save 15 – 20 percent by outsourcing your print communication
  • Reduce costs through postal efficiency
  • Easily transition to electronic payments, saving as much as 60 percent on claims settlement costs
  • Reduce claims by delivering the right message to the right member at the right time using the right channel to communicate wellness information and drive behavior change
  • Meet HIPAA requirements
  • Reduce IT and administrative time and costs using our Web-based client portal for document composition, production tracking and reporting
  • Spend more time delivering quality patient care by outsourcing EOB and payment processing



Watch these brief videos to learn how to:


- Drive Adoption of Electronic Documents to increase wellness and reduce costs

- Reduce Costs by Outsourcing your member communications materials

- Engage Your Members with targeted messaging