DNA® from Fiserv is an account processing platform that provides credit unions the flexibility and scalability to support new products and expanding business models while delivering the 24/7 real-time experience members expect.



DNA from Fiserv is a proven, award-winning account processing platform that's designed to manage the highly flexible relationships among people, businesses and accounts while streamlining operations and providing the flexibility to address constantly changing business needs.

DNA is designed around people and relationships, not accounts, to make member relationships deeper and more meaningful to reflect what's most important to the credit union. Its advanced relational data model is engineered to store and manage limitless amounts and types of member information – providing a truly comprehensive view of each member relationship – with no redundant data.

DNA has also been carefully designed to streamline processes and workflows, enabling your staff to be as productive as possible. DNA provides all of the account processing capabilities your credit union requires in a single, cohesive platform with full teller and branch support functions built in. With the ability to serve any financial institution type regardless of charter or market, you can be confident that DNA has the flexibility to support your current and future business strategies including member business lending.

Built on an open architecture with industry standard components and up-to-date technologies, DNA offers a scalable and extendable platform that can deliver 24x7, continuous real-time performance through all channels and permit easy integration of ancillary applications from Fiserv and others. DNA also makes it possible to add custom enhancements of your own, called DNAapps™, that you can try and buy from the DNAappstore™ or create on your own using our DNAcreator™ toolkit.

Available as an in-house or hosted solution, DNA supports a wide range of hardware, operating system and database deployment choices.



  • Focused on the person: The DNA data model stores all account, transaction and related information in a single enterprise database organized around the person. This innovative design not only helps you to better understand and serve your members, but also eliminates redundant information to make data management highly efficient
  • Modern, standards-based components: DNA uses the industry standard Oracle® relational database, which provides unlimited scalability along with access to a variety of advanced tools and analytic applications. DNA also employs widely supported, modern languages and technologies designed for today's networked, mobile and browser-based environments
  • Continuous real-time performance: DNA delivers unrivaled real-time performance by executing and storing transactions as they occur. This capability ensures consistently up-to-date member, account and transaction data across all channels and supports rapid data analysis. DNA also enables real-time data backup for increased operational flexibility
  • Flexible capabilities: DNA offers commercial capabilities to support business relationships, along with service fee and commercial fee flexibility to help your credit union effectively address shrinking margins. The system can serve any financial institution type regardless of charter or market, and many aspects of the platform may be customized for consistency with your organization's business rules and processes. DNA also provides limitless customization and enhancement possibilities through the DNAcreator toolkit and the DNAappstore

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Transforming the Credit Union Experience With DNA

Vibrant Credit Union gives the DNA® account processing platform from Fiserv a central role in its bold plan to rebrand and reposition the credit union for long-term success.

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Real-time Teller Capture Solution Slashes Costs and Improves Operations at Fairwinds Credit Union

Fairwinds Credit Union dramatically reduced deposit chargeoffs, improved returned items processing times and gained efficiencies throughout its operations by moving from batch-based branch capture technology to tMagic™ for DNA®, a real-time teller capture system from Fiserv.

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Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Case Study

With planning assistance from Fiserv, Fairfax County Federal Credit Union was able to recover from a data center fire and resume business in record time.

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Maps Credit Union DNA Case Study

Maps Credit Union combined creativity, employee engagement and technology to achieve operational efficiency. Key to its success is the open architecture of DNA® from Fiserv and the power of the DNAcreator™ toolkit.

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DNA Canada

Serving the needs of 40 percent of the Canadian credit union community, along with banks and trust companies, DNA® from Fiserv provides account processing for a Canadian client base of more than 120 financial services organizations and many more worldwide.

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