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Your credit union relies on technology to deliver exceptional member service, enabling you to grow and succeed. Advantage™ from Fiserv provides the technology you need to exceed member expectations through a platform that’s affordable, dependable and easy to use.



Your credit union relies on technology to allow you to serve your current members and attract new ones. Advantage from Fiserv is what your credit union needs to meet the expectations of the end-consumer through use of a dependable, easy-to-use, fully integrated account processing platform.

The Advantage solution allows for efficiency with sensitivity to cost, delivering an account processing solution that is both affordable and best-in-class. The solution leverages low-cost industry standard devices with expandable memory, flexible storage, networking and I/O capabilities. By uniting the power of the PC, the flexibility of Microsoft® offerings and a 64-bit processor, Advantage equips your credit union with the tools needed to exceed the expectations of every member with each transaction.

With Advantage, tellers can access virtually all information on a member's account from a single window, using point-and-click functionality that simplifies teller training and navigation. Tellers don't need to wait for screens to refresh or move from window to window; they can easily post transactions, inquire on history, update a member's address and handle other daily tasks without exiting the account screen. And there's no need to memorize keywords or quick codes, since all options are visible on screen in a graphic format that makes account service intuitive.



  • Embedded imaging and retrieval solutions
  • Integrated Internet loan application
  • Multilingual audio response and Internet banking
  • Automated new member enrollment
  • Commercial account processing and relationship pricing
  • Debit card processing

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