Our solutions can help you build lasting customer relationships. Give your customers convenient, secure and personal experiences with billing and payment services from Fiserv.

Today’s customers expect exceptional service and to feel valued. With services from Fiserv, they can count on simple, straightforward and convenient interactions. You can tailor customer-specific communications that help build lasting connections, plus you’ll provide peace of mind by offering the industry’s most trusted billing and payment solutions. The result is unsurpassed customer service coupled with state-of-the-art solutions.


Our Solution

Fiserv can give you a competitive edge. Achieve your goals and improve your relationships with consumers by utilizing these solutions:

Billing and Payment Solutions

Businesses today operate in a "preference driven" landscape, where the customer has more control. Consumers expect greater choices when transacting business: to do it by mail, or in person. By phone, or online. Fiserv has processed billions of transactions accurately, securely and efficiently while meeting the demand for a variety of billing and payment options. Fiserv offers:

  • On-demand bill pay – agent, Web and IVR
  • Walk-in bill pay – more than 20,000 locations nationwide
  • Electronic bill pay (EBP) at your site, electronic bill pay (EBP) beyond your site
  • Bill delivery – print and mail
  • Bill delivery – paperless billing

Walk-In Payment Solutions

As America's leading walk-in payment service provider, we process secure bill payments for thousands of consumers each day who prefer to pay bills in person. We offer same-day, next-day and three-day payment options, in addition to MasterCard® and Visa® card bill payments.

  • Electronic payments: Capture the benefits of an electronic payment solution while allowing your customers to pay in person with cash
  • Reduced costs: The walk-in payment customer is the most costly to serve. Allow Fiserv to manage this process to reduce costs. A partnership with Fiserv will result in reduced administrative costs and increased collection efficiency
  • Operational support: Fiserv provides services to help ensure the successful operation of your walk-in channel. These services include: bilingual customer service support, a professional agent network with agents in all 50 states and point-of sale marketing support

Output Solutions

Fiserv is recognized industry wide as a trusted provider of business communication services. Output Solutions from Fiserv help make business documents and other forms of communication more impactful – for greater value. Our services include:

  • Card manufacturing and mailing that is cost-effective and personalized
  • Transactional document composition, printing and mailing
  • Online tools for targeting your marketing, service and educational messages


Billing and Payment Solutions

  • Customer confidence:

    Offer accurate, secure and efficient bill-pay processing services for your customers

  • Customer loyalty:

    Build customer loyalty with the convenience of services like on-demand bill pay and electronic bill delivery in consolidated channels

  • Fiserv expertise:

    We offer not only our experience in today’s billing and payments landscape, but also our watchful eye on tomorrows changing requirements

Walk-In Payment Solutions

  • Cost savings:

    You’ll save on operating costs when you opt to outsource walk-in payment locations

  • Customer convenience:

    With more than 20,000 walk-in payment locations, you’ll satisfy a community need and provide one-stop bill payment to customers

Output Solutions

  • Strong relationships:

    Create a connection with customers by sending out customized mailings — a highly targeted mix of functional information and marketing messages

  • Cost savings:

    Fiserv’s customized mailings can help you save. Solutions like householding, for example, can combine mailing that go to the same address to save on postage and resources

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