Retailers seek automated cash management solutions that offer an alternative to systems requiring proprietary hardware and software, while offering cost-effective management of cash supply chains.


Our Solutions

Remote cash capture from Fiserv provides retailers with integrated cash management and smart safe solutions that replace labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes. Retailers appreciate an independent approach that allows them to use their preferred hardware and transportation service, providing cost-effective flexibility to support the future growth of their business.

Fiserv leverages Innovations in Remote Cash Capture to combine the use of secure smart safes with cash tracking and reporting software. Using the latest technology helps retailers minimize risks related to money management and streamline cash handling.

CorPoint® from Fiserv provides a technology platform that connects with any smart safe solution and allows retailers to centrally manage cash for national chain stores. The solution capabilities include comprehensive cash ordering, deposit tracking and service level management.

Benefits of remote cash capture for retailers:

  • Automated cash operations with certified smart safe and recycler solutions
  • Reduced loss and theft and improved security
  • Independent and hardware-agnostic solution that gives retailers the choice to work with any armored carrier
  • Robust and easy-to-use software and reporting capabilities




  • Courier independent: Enables merchants to use their preferred transportation services
  • Hardware agnostic: Works with existing systems
  • Flexible: Supports future growth and new technologies
  • CorPoint modules: Provide comprehensive cash order, deposit tracking and service level management

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Smart(er) Safe Solution

Smarter cash management is the surest path for retailers to reduce risk, widen margins and optimize cash flows. Retailers should consider their cash volumes, integrations and armored carrier relationships. Which cash management solution is right?

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Cash Automation is Changing the Game for Retailers e-book

Manually handling, counting and depositing cash daily is expensive for retail businesses. Automating your cash management can benefit your staff, including your Finance, Operations and Loss Prevention teams – and, more importantly, your customers.

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Innovations in Remote Cash Capture Put Financial Institutions in the Driver's Seat

For merchants, couriers and banks, cash handling involves slow and error-prone manual activities. A growing number of institutions are turning to remote cash capture (RCC) products that speed up the process and offer their customers a sweeter deal.

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CorPoint: Remote Manager Fact Sheet

CorPoint®: Remote Manager from Fiserv provides unparalleled access and reporting of smart safe health at the device level.

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CorPoint Simplifying Cash Management for Retailers Infographic

Cash theft and shrinkage are on the rise. How do you protect your margins and employees?

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CorPoint: Hardware

CorPoint®: Hardware enables retailers to automate cash handling, reduce risks to the store and increase overall profitability with smart safe hardware devices.

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CorPoint: Deposit Manager for Merchants

Cash is still the preferred payment method in more than half of all retail transactions worldwide. Managing the flow of cash, however, remains both labor- and risk-intensive for many retailers, eroding profitability and efficiency.

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