Our full range of small business banking solutions addresses the variety of needs and demands of your small business customers. Fiserv solutions help your financial institution capitalize on opportunities for increased income, attract competitors' customers and improve retention in this important market segment.

On average, small businesses make up about 10 percent of a bank's accounts, but typically generate 35 percent of its revenue. With rapid advances in technology and more nontraditional competitors, there's a growing opportunity for your institution to target small business customers, but challenges lie in the multifaceted nature of this market. Small business customers require personalized assistance and easy-to-use, integrated services. Fiserv solutions provide your organization with the products you need to develop and solidify relationships with this vital customer segment.


Our Solution

Small business customers have many of the same needs as larger ones, but they tend to focus on three things: making payments, collecting payments and managing cash flow. Fiserv works with you to provide this market with the customized products that help them streamline these processes and increase efficiency. 

Our advisory and consulting services possess a depth of experience and industry knowledge that can help your financial institution refine its small business growth strategy. We'll work with you to design bundled service offerings and assist you in identifying prospects for them.  And we can analyze your loan portfolio to make sure it achieves your objectives.

Fiserv small business solutions enable smaller financial institutions to offer the same services as larger banks, while letting you focus on the personal service that strengthens your small business customer relationships. Our goal is to help you build deeper, more profitable customer relationships by becoming the place small business customers go for all their financial needs.



With Small Business Solutions from Fiserv, you can:
  • Be more competitive in the small business banking market 
  • Build long-lasting and profitable relationships with your business banking customers
  • Increase income by offering new fee-generating services
  • Develop more qualified cross-sales opportunities
  • Create bundled services to build your customer base
  • Become the one-stop shop for all of your customers' business banking needs
  • Provide secure, integrated services to your business customers
  • Build your loan portfolio with lending solutions tailored to small businesses
  • Satisfy the banking needs of any size or type of business

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Small Business Banking Video

Small businesses aren't necessarily thinking about financial services. Watch this video to learn how Fiserv is looking at small business banking needs today and in the future.

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Small Business Banking

A growing number of financial institutions are realizing the potential of the small business market. While representing an excellent opportunity, it is a diverse and sometimes complex market that calls for the expertise of a trusted technology partner like Fiserv.

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