Your commercial accountholders use a large number of chargeable services. Relationship Analysis for Premier® from Fiserv helps you make sure your financial institution is charging for these services fairly, and in a way that adds value.



Relationship Analysis is a sophisticated tool that tracks and analyzes an unlimited number of chargeable services. The solution automatically includes in its calculations volume counts and fees from other Premier solutions, such as Demand Deposit Accounting, Exception Items, Paperless Item Manager for Premier® and Business Online™ for Premier. Activity data from third-party software can also be imported for inclusion in the analysis. The result is an accurate, comprehensive picture of fees incurred across a customer’s entire banking relationship – information you can use to establish pricing that drives both value and profitability.

Relationship Analysis for Premier offers complete flexibility in tailoring charge specifications for pricing at both the institution and client level. You have full control over the charges applied for each service, and whether a charge is waived, included on the customer statement, or both. In addition, the Group Analysis function makes possible an even higher level of service, combining activity in all of the customer’s accounts to offer more attractive tiered pricing.

Perhaps most important, Relationship Analysis helps tailor innovative pricing for each market you serve, empowering your organization to respond to customer demand quickly to gain a competitive edge. Equipped to offer a customized mix of products, services, prices and settlement options, managers have more negotiating power with which to establish and strengthen customer relationships.



  • Customer-centric pricing: The tools provided in Relationship Analysis enable you to set and award earnings credits for customer activities that make your financial institution more profitable. You can offset fees with balances, charge directly for services, or offer a combination of both. Special introductory rates, in addition to split and tiered rates, can help attract new business and retain existing customers. You’ll also build goodwill by showing waived charges on customer statements
  • Improved statements: The easy-to-read statements generated in Relationship Analysis give your customers a clear breakdown of their charges by type. And with Director Document Distribution from Fiserv, customer statements can be delivered electronically, saving both time and money
  • Easy research and review: Relationship Analysis compiles and retains month-end “snapshots” of your customer accounts. Using the History Inquiry function, these records can easily be researched to answer questions from customers and staff and generate customized reports with accurate historical account and transaction data
  • Enhanced decision-making: Relationship managers can preview all the details of the accounts they serve prior to assessing charges and generating statements. Your staff gains a clearer understanding of customer activity and the costs of doing business with your financial institution, helping them to make more informed decisions

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