Prime for Premier® is a powerful relational database system that captures more than 8,000 data elements from deposit, loan, general ledger and ancillary applications, providing a strong foundation for data analysis and business insights.



Acting as a data warehouse, Prime for Premier stores the databases of all applications within the Premier bank platform from Fiserv and makes information available from individual workstations for research, reporting and decision support. Information from various applications can be used for comparative analysis, providing banking staff with the insights they need to identify, serve and retain your best customers.

The frequency of data transfer and volume of data retention is customizable. For example, a month-end database can be retained for days or weeks after month-end, providing useful information for documents such as board reports. In addition, information in the database is able to be sorted, grouped and displayed graphically according to your needs.



  • Integration: Strong integration with Premier ensures that Prime adapts to changes in Premier databases
  • Data warehousing and mining: Prime provides a powerful method to store and retain information, which is easily browsed to research specific topics or trends
  • Standard and ad hoc reports: Your staff is able to quickly generate reports that provide answers to business questions. Ad hoc reports can be created or you can take advantage of a variety of predefined reports
  • Independent server: The Prime database server is independent of the enterprise server, enabling data to be accessed and analyzed at any time without compromising enterprise server performance or requiring assistance from data center personnel
  • Open architecture: Data is easily exported to products like Microsoft Excel and Access for analysis

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