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Outsourced Services

Many Premier® clients outsource all or part of their technology deployment to a Fiserv account processing center for state-of-the-art infrastructure and security and a dedicated service relationship with a proven organization.

Outsourced processing offers clients the same incredible range of Fiserv technologies available to in-house processors, but also provides the sort of services and expertise that enable financial institutions to make the best business use of those technologies by limiting the time, money and effort they have to spend managing them.


  • A team effort: Your outsourced account relationship team is always available to help with your organization's technology plan and utilization strategy
  • New agility: Outsourcing can help increase business efficiency and agility – tasks that once took days can now be completed almost instantaneously
  • Focus on banking: Managed account processing can help your own team focus less on technology and more on the business of banking and customer satisfaction
  • Stable technology costs: You can avoid the unpredictable technology platform changes that often challenge the budgeting process
  • Reduced staffing costs: Managed account processing services help you lessen many operational challenges, including staff time off, turnover and training
  • Business continuity: The challenges posed by creating and maintaining your own emergency planning and disaster recovery programs are greatly reduced
  • Simpler compliance: Outsourcing simplifies regulatory compliance by making required data immediately available to banking auditors

For more information on Outsourced Services for Premier and other solutions from Fiserv, call us at 800-872-7882 or Contact Us.