Business customers need self-service banking capabilities that are easy to use and available 24 by 7. Cash Managementfor Precision® from Fiserv enhances the functionality of our popular consumer online banking solution, Internet Banking for Precision from Fiserv, with a full range of business banking functionality.



Internet Banking provides a full-featured foundation for Cash Management for Precision. Through seamless integration between these solutions, business customers can access an impressive lineup of real-time banking information and functionality, such as account balances and history, funds transfers, loan payments and check ordering.

Integration with additional e-commerce, imaging and positive pay solutions further strengthens the capabilities of Cash Management. Customers can log in to their online account and make ACH and wire transfers, manage positive pay items, deposit checks remotely, and perform many other financial activities. For greater flexibility, each employee of the business can be set up with unique security access to designated accounts and functionality.

With Cash Management, your customers spend less time managing their finances, and more time growing their business.



  • Customer self-service: Businesses can easily complete tasks such as loan payments, wire transfers and remote deposits
  • ACH origination: Customers can create NACHA-formatted batch files of ACH transactions, including international transfers, and submit them for processing online
  • Access to detailed information: Authorized users can view account balances, transaction history, e-documents and much more
  • Advanced security: Multiple users can be established with unique security permissions, enabling employees to log in and perform authorized functions, such as transferring funds between accounts
  • Rich integration: Cash Management integrates with Positive Pay for Precision, Merchant Source Capture™ and a host of other Fiserv solutions to provide a comprehensive business banking solution

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