With malicious attacks, natural disasters and other threats looming, safeguarding your financial institution’s data and protecting your reputation has never been more important. A business continuity plan not only satisfies regulatory requirements for operational continuity, it simply makes business sense.

Organizations that outsource the Precision® from Fiserv bank platform and integrated solutions benefit from the built-in business continuity and expertise provided by the data center. Our disaster recovery plan is carefully tested and reviewed at regular intervals, underscoring the ability to continue operations under a wide range of potentially disruptive conditions. The same tools and solutions we use in the data center are also available to financial institutions operating Precision in an in-house environment. Those organizations can choose from a variety of services.

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For more information on Business Continuity for Precision from Fiserv, call 800-872-7882 or contact us. For support, visit the Collaborative Care Center.

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