A scalable, next-generation solution, Wire Manager from Fiserv expedites wire transfers for your organization and its customers, providing a quick and secure method for moving funds between banking accounts.



Wire transfers are growing in volume, especially among business customers who rely on the same-day availability of transferred funds. A browser-based solution, Wire Manager simplifies wire origination and processing, so your customers and staff can complete transfers more quickly and easily than ever.

Predefined templates greatly enhance the customer experience, and an automated workflow guides requests through processing and approvals. Each transfer file is validated to meet Federal Reserve standards, and email notifications keep you and your customers updated about the real-time status of transfers as they are processed. For enhanced security, you can limit the number and dollar amount of wires originated.

Integration with WireXchange® from Fiserv enables straight-through processing to the Federal Reserve. When customers submit transfers through Wire Manager, the transaction is automatically sent to WireXchange, eliminating batch file transfer processing. This enables customers to view the real-time status of wires online immediately after they’re submitted.



  • Convenient email notification: Once a transfer is submitted, Wire Manager sends a confirmation email to the customer. The system can also provide you and your customers with updates about the status of transfers moving through processing
  • Automated processing: An automated workflow and streamlined approval process replace tedious, inefficient and time-consuming tasks, so your banking staff can manage wire transfers in less time
  • Built-in security controls: To enhance risk management, Wire Manager enables your organization to set limits governing the number and dollar amount of transactions originated
  • Additional security with multifactor authentication (MFA): With MFA Security Tokens from Fiserv, you can require business customers to enter a one-time password (OTP) when making wire transfers
  • Real-time reporting: Wire Manager offers online access to real-time wire status information and extended transfer history
  • Flexible wire import options: Wire import capabilities are supported by Wire Manager. With this feature, wire requests completed using third-party software can be imported into the Wire Manager database for processing

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