Server virtualization enables more efficient use of server resources and strengthens your business continuity plan. Server Virtualization for Precision® from Fiserv is ideal for financial institutions that want to reducethe footprint and cost of ownership associated with their technology.



Playing an important role in the technology strategy of financial institutions, Server Virtualization offers several key advantages if you operate and maintain the hardware for the bank platform and other integrated applications:

  • Prompt disaster recovery
  • Significantly reduced total cost of technology ownership
  • Environmental savings
  • Improved server availability
  • Centralized server administration and other organizational efficiencies
  • Enhanced testing capabilities

Our dedicated systems services team provides industry and regulatory compliance expertise to help you develop a strategy. As a result, you can not only maximize return on your hardware investment as quickly as possible, but also focus on sustaining these benefits over the long term. We help you create a virtualization environment designed for optimal use of your technology.



  • Bank platform virtualization: It’s now more efficient and cost-effective than ever to virtualize your Precision system – thanks to the POWER7 server from IBM. Adopting standard virtualization enables you to have a production version of Precision, as well as a second environment for training staff and testing software updates
  • Integrated applications virtualization: Generate efficiencies and reduce server sprawl by turning to Fiserv to help you virtualize your Windows-based servers. When a single server runs multiple software applications at the same time, you reduce your amount of hardware and cut related expenses

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