There’s a good chance that most of your profits are generated by only a fraction of your customer base. Relationship Profitability Manager from Fiserv provides the reliable intelligence you need to identify, cultivate and expand these profitable relationships.



National surveys reveal that 70 percent of America’s financial institutions believe measuring customer profitability is important to their continued success. Relationship Profitability Manager takes the guesswork out of this critical task. This solution is a powerful calculation engine that measures the contribution of each customer and account to the profits of your financial institution.

Relationship Profitability Manager provides your front-line team with instant access to accurate customer profitability information through portfolio and account inquiries. By viewing profit amounts, performance measures and ranking information on-screen, your staff is able to see exactly where specific retail and business customers fit into your overall profit picture. CSRs access this information right at the desktop, instantly recognizing when they are assisting one of your more profitable customers. Your staff can then make more informed decisions about certain discretionary services, such as waiving an NSF charge – decisions that help shift your organization’s service strategies from reactive to proactive.

By gaining new insight into customer profitability, you achieve the critical advantage of understanding which products and services contribute to your most important relationships, and how product pricing and customer service decisions can affect an entire relationship, not just the individual customer account.



  • Robust pricing simulations: These features can help you set competitive, profitable rates for products and services
  • Flexibility: You can link related business and personal customers for aggregating profit and establishing baselines for “what if” scenarios
  • Ownership: Assign relationships to specific staff for more effective portfolio management and other uses, such as incentive compensation
  • Data sharing: Profitability information can be distributed across your organization, enabling customer-based decisions to be made where they are most needed
  • Reporting: A complete set of standard reports can be generated with high-level product and organizational views, or tailored to zero in on transaction detail for a particular account. Ranking reports help you identify the most profitable (and unprofitable) relationships, portfolios and entities

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