Customers expect efficient online service, and LinkLive Banking from Fiserv helps you deliver that – and more. Grow your business and attract new customers with instant messaging and a host of other tools that help your organization deliver personalized online customer service.



LinkLive Banking offers feature-rich instant messaging (IM), enabling real-time interaction between customers and specialists at your organization. The IM feature also provides a fast and secure method for transferring sensitive documents, such as account statements and check images, during customer service chat sessions. The IM window doubles as a secure FTP site through which customers and banking staff can exchange documents using drag-and-drop functionality.

When you offer the expanded online functionality of LinkLive Banking, customers who live and work far from your branches, including businesses with remote locations and students away at college, are more likely to remain loyal to your business.

The advanced tools in this solution also can enhance employee communication between staff members at the same or different branches. Whether used internally or for customer service, LinkLive Banking creates efficiencies that save time and lower costs for your organization, yielding a high return on investment.



  • Reduce costs: LinkLive Banking is available as a hosted solution from Fiserv, so you can deploy it easily and cost-effectively
  • Secure communication: The solution encrypts all online chat sessions, protecting private customer information at all times
  • Remote desktop capabilities: With permission, designated individuals at your organization can enter a customer’s desktop. Using this convenient tool, an employee has a read-only view of the customer’s screen, making it easier to provide assistance remotely

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