Tellers need superior technology that will assist them in providing top-notch service in every interaction they have with customers. Integrated Teller from Fiserv gives them access to all the customer information they need.



Through a direct connection to your core applications, Integrated Teller provides instant access to a wide range of real-time customer and account information. A user-friendly interface reduces training costs, and streamlined navigation speeds up a variety of tasks, including deposits, transfers, split transactions, bond redemptions, reversals and overrides. And the centralized architecture on which Integrated Teller runs reduces costs by eliminating the need to install software on a server at each branch.

Decision-makers in your financial institution will benefit from Integrated Teller, too. The solution’s customized reports provide up-to-date transaction and productivity information collected from across your organization. More than a dozen predefined reports are available for data analysis, and they can be scheduled for automatic archival.



  • Cash device functionality: The cash device interface includes functionality for a number of models of cash dispensers and cash recyclers
  • Automated teller assignments: An automatic assignment function makes it possible to assign future tellers to an existing supervisor for remote overrides. This reduces the amount of setup needed when tellers are added to the system
  • Flexibility in memoposting: When memoposting funds to customer accounts, tellers can determine whether or not a ledger adjustment should be generated for deposits
  • Integration with other solutions: This solution integrates with a host of Fiserv solutions that support deposit automation, profitability analysis, AML compliance and content management

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