Use Focus™ Database Manager for Premier® from Fiserv to import and manage batch files from third parties or other internal applications. Then aggregate that data with core account information, and display it to online banking customers and staff.



By presenting consolidated views of financial information from various sources, such as credit card, insurance, and investment account information, you provide online banking customers with an attractive service. Focus Database Manager lets you provide this service without costly third-party interfaces. This solution can automatically import updated batch files as frequently as they become available.

Imported information can be displayed in Retail Online™ and Business Online™, our consumer and business online banking solutions. You can present the same or different information to internal users of Premier, arming front-line staff with information that improves customer service and cross-selling efforts.



  • Streamlined import process: File recognition and importation can be automatic or scheduled. An email notification confirms the successful loading of a file
  • Easy-to-use wizard: A wizard streamlines the file definition process
  • Flexible formatting: File import templates enable users to determine how data is formatted and whether or not it displays in particular situations
  • Archiving options: File archive management capabilities enable users to unload, reload and encrypt files, and manage file retention
  • Support for multiple databases: Focus Database Manager supports multiple databases, and accommodates both multihost databases and multiple institutions within a single database

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