The key to successful recovery after a disaster is to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. This turnkey package that leverages client-owned workstations allows you to provide uninterrupted service to your customers.



Disaster Recovery for Cleartouch® is a turnkey package that leverages client-owned workstations and/or laptops. With this service, you are provided VPN access to a suite of mission-critical applications needed to resume business quickly: Teller for Cleartouch and New Accounts for Cleartouch, Director™ for Cleartouch and inquiries through iVue® for Cleartouch, our business intelligence solution. The access is provided through VMware ACE software, which delivers a secure environment at the workstation/laptop level. Additionally, a periodic update of your products and services currently in use should be sent to Fiserv for storage and use in the event of a disaster. This ensures that we have the most current information available if your financial institution encounters a critical situation.

This service is intended to be used by your financial institution when you have declared a disaster with your regulatory agency and have already attempted to utilize a branch that has not been affected by the disaster and/or work with a reciprocal partner who has not been affected by the disaster.

Disaster Recovery is designed to be up and running within 10 hours of your disaster declaration and remain available for 90 days following the disaster. This solution is a critical component of your business, ensuring that you are up and running within hours – not days – after the disaster occurs.



  • Time is of the essence: In a disaster, every minute counts. Our solution provides quick access to Fiserv
  • Safe and secure: Any PC/Server provides a secure VPN connection
  • Flexibility is key: Any Internet connection can be used for VPN connection
  • Part of a comprehensive solution: Disaster Recovery can be incorporated into your Business Continuity Plan

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Disaster Recovery for Cleartouch

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