ConvergeIT®: VoIP from Fiserv is the only VoIP (voice communications over an IP network) system designed for and integrated with Fiserv account processing systems. The powerful and easy-to-use phone system can help you enhance service, integrate business continuity services, reduce operating costs, unify branch operations and improve efficiencies.



Upgrading your phone system to an all-in-one, software-based voice management system can cut costs and enhance your customer service. ConvergeIT: VoIP from Fiserv offers a reliable and scalable phone system that integrates all of your organization's branches so employees across the enterprise can work as if they were in the same location.

This full-featured VoIP solution provides robust functionality, including a feature-rich voicemail system, call detail reporting and an advanced auto attendant. New enhancements are implemented through software upgrades instead of costly hardware replacements, conveniently keeping your organization updated with the most recent advancements in phone systems.



  • Integrated suite: Best of all, ConvergeIT: VoIP is part of an advanced suite that also includes applications for your audio response system and call center, all running on a single, cost-saving Microsoft Windows server
  • Windows soft phones: Using the integrated soft phone, employees can manage calls right from their PCs, with point-and-click dialing, personal call queues, call forwarding, transferring and conferencing, one-number access and more
  • Auto attendant: Auto attendant functionality answers and routes calls automatically without the intervention of a live operator. This feature includes powerful yet simple voice-prompted menus, dial by name, directory and support for multiple schedules
  • Unified messaging: Included with the system are powerful voicemail features that let users listen to voicemails on the phone or a computer, locally or remotely. Features include flexible message playback, multiple personal greetings, customizable message delivery and notification options
  • Audio conferencing: The IP audio conferencing bridge eliminates expensive external audio conferencing services. The intuitive interface simplifies setup, scheduling, email invitations and management of conference calls
  • Integrated call center: This cost-effective call center application automatically routes inbound calls to the right person or department. The integrated Call Center Supervisor module allows supervisors to monitor, coach and join calls, optimizing the customer service experience

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ConvergeIT: VoIP

ConvergeIT®: VoIP from Fiserv helps control costs and delivers superior service through efficient enterprise-wide voice management.

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