Meet the changing demands driven by customers' need for real-time, integrated experiences with Communicator Advantageā„¢ from Fiserv.



Flexible and powerful, Communicator Advantage from Fiserv simplifies third-party integration and helps you address challenging business requirements specific to your strategy. This integration solution modernizes and extends your current system investments, facilitates future channel expansion and creates a competitive advantage.

The integration framework and business service tools share information between your bank platform, business applications, customer channels and third-party service providers in an accessible environment for customizing functions to business needs and requirements. The solution's user interface enables non-developers to configure and manage interfaces and supports the omnichannel connectivity needed to provide a truly unified customer experience.

By combining an enterprise services framework with substantial processing power and speed, Communicator Advantage helps create the ideal environment to support real-time events, alerts and notifications.



With Communicator Advantage, you'll achieve the integration and system transparency needed for the real-time market. The benefits include:

  • Improving customer service and channel consistency
  • Serving as a foundation for process automation and supporting real-time events and alerts
  • Integrating multiple channels, applications and systems
  • Improving developer productivity and innovation
  • Allowing faster turnaround and quicker time-to-market for new products
  • Reducing or eliminating repetitive programming and business service tasks

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Communicator Advantage

Use powerful integration technology to address cost, speed and service with Communicator Advantage™. This solution reduces system operation and maintenance costs with reusable, out-of-the-box components that help solve business requirements and simplify complex integration needs.

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