With Activity Manager for Premier® from Fiserv, you can enrich your customers’ online banking experience, simplify research, increase staff efficiency and improve customer service. The solution also supports audit processes and supplies powerful, yet easy-to-understand business analytics.



The sophisticated functionality of Activity Manager can be a real differentiator for your financial institution. Harnessing the power of relational databases, Activity Manager makes life easier not only for customers, but for virtually every member of your team.



  • Extended transaction histories: Activity Manager enables your financial institutions to retain greatly expanded transaction histories for demand deposit and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, loans and general ledger accounts. Staff can access the extended transaction histories through Inquiry for Premier, researching transaction-related issues quickly and easily. Customers can do the same through Retail Online™ and Business Online™, our consumer and business online banking solutions
  • Personal financial management (PFM) capabilities: Using this solution in conjunction with Retail Online or Business Online, you enable online customers to assign categories and descriptions to individual transactions. Categorized transactions display graphically as a pie chart within the online applications, so customers are able to view a breakdown of their expenditures at a glance. Transactions can also be exported to accounting and tax preparation programs, saving customers time and effort. By supplying PFM tools for customers, you keep them coming to your website to manage their financial lives
  • Real-time audit database: Activity Manager supports comprehensive, real-time records of all file maintenance changes. Staff can perform audit inquiries using various criteria. Access to audit data empowers staff and reduces dependence on the operations center to retrieve such information
  • Reporting packages: Available to organizations that also license Business Analytics for Premier, reporting packages help you analyze trends, manage exceptions, audit account changes, and monitor and improve internal processes

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