ACH Manager is a complete end-to-end ACH transfer solution for transactions originated by your financial institution or your customers. With ACH Manager, every step of the process is automated to provide an optimal user experience featuring advanced risk management controls.



To help your financial institution manage the continuing growth in electronic payments, ACH Manager enables the fully automated, on-arrival processing of ACH transactions originated by you or your customers.

ACH Manager features seamless integration with your business and consumer online banking products from Fiserv. Easy-to-use transfer templates streamline the process of submitting ACH transfers, building customer satisfaction and creating efficiencies for your organization.

For advanced risk management, you and your business customers can set default and user-specific transfer limits on the types and amounts of transfers originated. In addition, transfer review thresholds provide more flexibility, giving customers the opportunity to review and make decisions about transfers that meet predefined criteria.



  • Flexible architecture:

    ACH Manager is built using service-oriented architecture, enabling your financial institution to react quickly to changing compliance regulations
  • Autofill information:

    Through integration with the Federal Reserve's ACH member list, transfer templates autofill information about the receiving financial institution, saving time and preventing errors
  • Streamlined processing:

    ACH Manager replaces manual tasks by automating every step. An on-arrival processing workflow automatically validates, checks for duplicates, runs risk controls, withholds prefunding, provides you and your customers with rejections or exception notification, and sends immediate confirmation
  • Risk management controls:

    ACH Manager enables you to set limits governing the Standard Entry Class type, number and value of transactions initiated. If a transaction is submitted after a limit has been met, it is rejected and an email is sent to the originator
  • Transfer review:

    Transfer review thresholds monitor type, dollar amount and number of transfers. After the threshold has been met, additional ACH transfers status is changed to "pending approval," and an email is sent to the originator
  • Online reporting:

    Real-time transfer status updates and ACH transaction history are available online. Your customers can edit transactions that are pending and maintain ACH transfer history

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