As acceptance of electronic payment channels expands, your accountholders demand check processing with "anytime, anywhere, any way" flexibility. Opencheck™ from Fiserv offers robust, convenient item processing technology to deliver the real-time results consumers expect.



Opencheck from Fiserv is a feature-rich and highly configurable automated payments solution that facilitates the industry's shift toward a paperless environment. Opencheck provides everything you need for a comprehensive item processing operation and meets the demands of today's distributed capture environment, providing branch, merchant, mobile, ATM, consumer and teller capture options.

At the core of Opencheck is an image-based check processing hub that handles the full range of clearing, exchange and return processing activities – helping you to cut costs, generate revenue and improve customer satisfaction. This customized payments solution supports the advanced capabilities you need for efficient item processing, including:

  • Real-time processing for improved funds availability
  • Concurrent balancing, ongoing error correction and float elimination for more accurate accounting
  • Real-time updates and extensive research options for more detailed and accurate financial reports
  • Extended deposit deadlines and processing windows for faster credit
  • Flexible opportunities to capture fee income

The robust capabilities Opencheck offers can improve your competitive position by enhancing your online banking services, replacing costly teller transactions with low-cost distributed capture, and giving your accountholders the freedom to deposit checks when and how they choose.



  • Coverage for all your channels: Advanced, optional check capture solutions from Fiserv enable your customers to deposit funds electronically where and how they choose – whether via the teller, ATM, mobile device, or the comfort of their own home or business. Optional solutions include: Opencheck™: Consumer Capture, Opencheck™: Merchant Capture, Opencheck™: Mobile Source Capture™, ATM Image Capture Auto Import, Opencheck™: Branch Capture and tMagic™ for DNA™ integrated teller capture
  • Complementary solutions you can add as needed: Opencheck offers powerful solutions for distributed capture, fraud protection, image archiving, research, statement production and fulfillment you can add as your business strategy evolves. The system's open architecture makes adding new solutions easy
  • Flexible implementation choices: Opencheck is available in-house, outsourced through our state-of-the-art data center, or in a hybrid delivery model that blends the advantages of both modes – giving you the option to outsource selected functions like balancing, cash letter generation or statement distribution, for example
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection: Opencheck gives your financial institution access to some of the most robust fraud prevention capabilities in the industry to help you detect and prevent check fraud, and review significantly more items without adding staff. Our fraud solutions use sophisticated filters and neural network technology to identify suspicious checks and account activity, and offer support for positive pay processing without account reconciliation, reverse positive pay processing, and payee verification. Our fraud capabilities also include signature and check stock verification, transaction analysis and the ability to print encrypted authentication codes on checks using SAND® (self-authenticated negotiable documents) technology

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As acceptance of electronic payment channels expands, your customers or members demand check processing with anytime, anywhere, any way flexibility. You can deliver the results they expect using the robust, convenient item processing technology of Opencheck™ from Fiserv.

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