DNA® from Fiserv is a modern, flexible, real-time account processing platform with a unique open architecture and a person-centered data model. It helps financial institutions operate more efficiently, capture complete customer relationships and adapt to changing business needs.

More than ever before, financial institutions need an account processing platform to streamline operations, quickly adapt to changing business needs and manage the highly flexible relationships that exist between people, businesses and accounts – in real-time and through all channels. DNA from Fiserv provides all of this and more with its modern, open architecture, continuous real-time performance, scalable technology and flexible, robust capabilities.

Recognized by industry-leading analysts for its technology, user experience and breadth of functionality, DNA is the first open, person-centric core banking platform built for collaboration. DNA was developed using Microsoft® .NET Framework for a state-of-the-art core platform that you can rely on for the long-term. With DNA, you gain 24/7 real-time processing, robust retail, mortgage and commercial banking capabilities, and a 360-degree view of your retail and business relationships.


Our Solution

DNA is designed around your customers and the way you do business. A flexible, open architecture integrates with a host of Fiserv solutions to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end functionality and a consistent, real-time customer experience across all channels. This enterprise-wide technology foundation serves innovative institutions of all sizes through in-house and hosted environments with a robust set of features, including:

  • All of the account processing capabilities required to meet your commercial and retail customers' needs, without requiring a separate teller system, service system or duplication of setup and maintenance
  • An advanced relational data model that is organized around the person, rather than the account, to give your bank a comprehensive view of each customer relationship
  • The ability to store limitless amounts of accountholder information along with invaluable data about the manner in which businesses and individuals relate and transact
  • An open architecture that supports a wide range of hardware, operating system and database deployment options along with easy integration of surround solutions from Fiserv and others
  • Seamlessly integrated custom core extensions, known as DNAapps™, that you can create on your own or download from the DNAappstore


The award-winning DNA platform has been carefully built to streamline operations, adapt to changing business needs and scale with your growth. Major benefits include:

  • Focused on the person: The DNA data model associates and organizes all account, transaction and related information around the accountholder and stores it in an enterprise database. This provides you with a powerful 360-degree view of customer relationships and a highly efficient way to manage data
  • Modern, standards-based components: The unique relational database design of DNA provides unlimited scalability and operational flexibility, along with real-time data backup from Oracle® for unparalleled business continuity, a wide variety of industry-standard tools and access to advanced analytic applications
  • Continuous real-time performance: DNA executes and stores transactions as they occur, providing consistently up-to-date customer, account and transaction data across all channels. The data model is also built for rapid data analysis and transactional throughput to deliver unrivaled real-time performance
  • Flexible customization: DNA offers numerous ways to accommodate your organization's business rules and processes. It also enables you to create customized enhancements with the DNAcreator™ toolkit or download enhancements developed by other Fiserv clients and partners through the DNAappstore

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DNA® from Fiserv offers financial services organizations account processing platforms to streamline operations, quickly adapt to changing business needs and manage relationships in real-time and through all channels.

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DNA Canada

Serving the needs of 40 percent of the Canadian credit union community, along with banks and trust companies, DNA® from Fiserv provides account processing for a Canadian client base of more than 120 financial services organizations and many more worldwide.

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