Reduce fixed costs, offload routine tasks and redirect resources and energy to focus on creating the differentiating customer experiences that keep you competitive when you outsource account and item processing to Fiserv.



Your financial institution benefits from our market-proven expertise, leading-edge facilities and processes, vast processing capacity and robust security.

Given the explosive growth in regulation, ever-evolving security threats, increasing customer demands for personal device-style banking experiences and a desire to get back to the business of banking, bankers increasingly turn to outsourcing as an effective way to address all these challenges.

Account Processing
Outsourced account processing from Fiserv can support all financial services products and all channels of banking activity, enhancing efficiency, reducing risk and enabling financial institutions to be more innovative.

Item Processing
Your financial institution can improve customer service and minimize capital investment by outsourcing electronic capture, imaging and clearing of checks.

A portfolio of managed services from Fiserv that enable you to maintain a high-performance IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable and optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.



With Fiserv state-of-the-art data centers and processing expertise at your disposal, your financial institution can create new efficiencies, better customer experiences and additional revenue. Fiserv experts will guide you in developing a business case tailored to your situation, exploring the following potential benefits for your organization:

  • Staffing: Improve staff efficiency by offloading routine functions, enabling them to be expert users rather than expert operators and address succession planning more effectively
  • Customer experience: Stay focused on banking fundamentals and profit-drivers and give staff the flexibility to explore new opportunities, respond to new conditions and strengthen customer relationships
  • Compliance and Risk: Reduce operational risk, improve information security, streamline regulatory compliance and combat criminal activity
  • Business Continuity: Simplify business continuity planning, improve disaster preparedness and recover more quickly in the event of a disaster
  • Cost: Enjoy lower TCO and capital expenses, stable and predictable technology budgets and more current, up-to-date hardware
  • Scalability: Expand without added capital expenses and approach mergers and acquisitions with the support, leverage and capacity of a large-scale vendor

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Migrating to Outsourcing: Assessing Return on Investment Fact Sheet

The decision to outsource your technology management requires significant analysis. Fiserv can help you understand the financial impact of making the move to outsourcing.

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Central Pacific Bank Outsourcing Video

Central Pacific Bank has realized significant cost savings and efficiencies from moving to outsourced account processing.

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The Benefits of Outsourced Account Processing

Outsourcing enables financial institutions to shift the workload for back-office tasks to Fiserv staff with the option to maintain control of many key functions.

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Outsourced Account Processing Services

Behind the growing trend toward outsourced account processing are thousands of financial institutions that see these services as cost-effective ways to simplify resource management, protect data, increase customer satisfaction and enhance delivery of profitable banking products.

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