Backed by the familiarity of browser-based functionality, Cleartouch® from Fiserv makes your employees more efficient and productive and your customers more satisfied.

Cleartouch provides access to many functions that are leveraged every day, including monetary transactions, new accounts, loans, file inquiries, file maintenance, business intelligence and administrative tools. Using intuitive browser-based navigation, Cleartouch integrates controlled access to the Internet, your bank’s intranet, the Fiserv extranet and beyond. With Cleartouch, you can see customer account information in real time, seeing the entire relationship in one view.

With point-and-click drill-down capabilities to access all account information, functions are easy to locate and provide simple navigation to other pages with one click. The intuitive navigation shortens training time for new staff members, improving the bottom line. Access to multiple windows is available, helping your staff manage their daily functions in an efficient manner.

Cleartouch gives your employees an easy, single point of access to all of your banking services, using familiar browser-style navigation with easy software deployment. With this single point of access, you have access to multiple applications and services, eliminating the need to sign on multiple times and re-enter user information over and over again.

The intuitive styling of Cleartouch will enhance your employees’ daily performance and productivity, while seamlessly interfacing to third-party vendors.

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