America's bankers have long relied on the Premier® bank platform from Fiserv to help them increase operational efficiency, comply with regulations, minimize risk and gain new business insights. More U.S. financial institutions use Premier than any other account processing platform, in part because it is designed by bankers, for bankers.


Our Solution

The Premier bank platform serves as the foundation on which a financial institution is built, and then it's surrounded by a host of other value-added banking solutions from Fiserv. As a foundation, Premier is celebrated for its feature-rich functionality, open integration, scalability, flexibility and reliability, offering these key elements:

  • Navigation within Premier is browser-based and intuitive, with point-and-click functionality, which saves time and effort, and makes training new employees much simpler
  • Using the Premier architecture, clients can easily aggregate data from multiple sources, and give staff and customers real-time access to this information. They are able to simplify workflows and accelerate business processes, extend the useful life of existing software assets, break down technology silos and quickly bring new products to market
  • Premier comes with an endorsement from the American Bankers Association (ABA) as an ABA preferred provider
  • Valuable add-ons are available, including mobile and online banking, data vaulting and business continuity services, source capture, business intelligence, rewards, risk and compliance solutions


Premier is an advanced, comprehensive banking suite that works in concert with other Fiserv solutions to support virtually every function your financial institution performs. Major benefits include:

  • Robust, feature-rich functionality and a wealth of practical features derived from many years of experience-driven enhancements and the collective wisdom of the industry’s largest and broadest client base
  • Open integration to both Fiserv best-in-class solutions and third-party applications through the Enterprise Services Framework (ESF), a best-of-breed technology infrastructure that Fiserv has developed to help financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, introduce new innovations faster and create a truly unified cross-channel customer experience
  • Proven scalability that supports the success of clients of all sizes and business models, as evidenced by benchmark performance tests that support the processing of 10 million accounts per hour
  • Flexible deployment options, including a choice of either IBM or Unisys hardware, and either in-house or outsourced delivery, along with all types of resource-managed and hybrid arrangements
  • Stability and reliability in both products and processes, based on decades of partnership with thousands of financial institutions

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Three clients share how the Premier® bank platform and a strong Fiserv partnership support their goals.

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Known for its robust functionality and scalability, Premier® from Fiserv is the bank platform of choice for a wide range of financial institutions with diverse goals, customers, technology strategies and operating environments.

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