America's bankers have long relied on the Premier® bank platform from Fiserv to help them increase operational efficiency, comply with regulations, minimize risk and gain new business insights. More U.S. financial institutions use Premier than any other account processing platform, in part because it is designed by bankers, for bankers.

In good times and bad, America’s banks, thrifts and credit unions rely on the Premier bank platform to help them increase operational efficiency, comply with regulations, minimize risk and gain insight into their operations and markets. In fact, more U.S. financial institutions trust their key business functions to Premier than to any other core account processing platform.

Premier is a solution designed by bankers, for bankers. Our broad client base not only guarantees a continuing commitment to this solution, but also provides a steady supply of valuable enhancement ideas. Each Premier client benefits from the collective wisdom of all.


Our Solution

With Precision banking solutions, your financial institution can respond promptly to customer service and regulatory and business demands while seamlessly combining new and existing technology assets. Precision helps you automate tasks, reduce staff touchpoints and enhance efficiencies. Its user-friendly features and functions include:

  • Personalized workflows and user-level customization that promote productivity, because navigation is based on work processes and eliminates repetitive searches
  • Favorites that promote efficient, one-click navigation for most frequent tasks
  • A complete view of customer relationships
  • Robust reporting and efficient access to reports and images
  • Advanced customer relationship management, analysis and reporting tools
  • Unparalleled integration to many valuable add-on solutions, including e-commerce, business intelligence, deposit capture and imaging, branch automation, rewards, and risk and compliance solutions. Business continuity, education and other professional services are also available
  • It’s all backed by unparalleled support and a product endorsement from the American Bankers Association


Premier is an advanced, comprehensive banking suite that works in concert with other Fiserv solutions to support virtually every function your financial institution performs. Major benefits include:

  • Robust, feature-rich functionality and a wealth of practical features derived from many years of experience-driven enhancements and the collective wisdom of the industry’s largest and broadest client base
  • Open integration to both Fiserv best-in-class solutions and third-party applications through the Enterprise Services Framework (ESF), a best-of-breed technology infrastructure that Fiserv has developed to help financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, introduce new innovations faster and create a truly unified cross-channel customer experience
  • Proven scalability that supports the success of clients of all sizes and business models, as evidenced by benchmark performance tests that support the processing of 10 million accounts per hour
  • Flexible deployment options, including a choice of either IBM or Unisys hardware, and either in-house or outsourced delivery, along with all types of resource-managed and hybrid arrangements
  • Stability and reliability in both products and processes, based on decades of partnership with thousands of financial institutions and hundreds of third-party vendors

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Three clients share how the Premier® bank platform and a strong Fiserv partnership support their goals.

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Known for its robust functionality and scalability, Premier® from Fiserv is the bank platform of choice for a wide range of financial institutions with diverse goals, customers, technology strategies and operating environments.

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