Model Reporting

The models-only business is expanding rapidly throughout the wealth management industry. Model Reporting from Fiserv provides investment managers unparalleled data about the use and acceptance of their models-only portfolios employed at participating sponsor firms.


Model Reporting on the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv enables the wealth management industry to effectively monitor and assess the acceptance, use and movement of their investment models. The solution provides broker-dealer sponsors and their managers the insight and perspective they require and improves operational efficiencies by reducing the time to retrieve and analyze model portfolio usage.

Investment managers gain critical data about the use, movement and adoption of their models-only portfolios at participating sponsor firms. Reports include assets under management, weekly and monthly asset flows, and information about the financial advisors using the models.

Model Reporting streamlines the manager reporting process for sponsors and managers by providing a secure self-service portal to access program data. Sponsors can use this reporting tool to capture information on which manager strategies are gaining or losing assets on the platform. Managers can use the information to track key metrics for sales and distribution efforts and to reconcile fees.


  • A comprehensive suite of model reports – Includes assets under management (AUM), security level holding data across multiple accounts by sponsor program code, asset, financial advisor and flow data information for each account, and strategy name and sleeve code employed by the sponsor
  • Effectively monitors the acceptance and movement of investment models – Provides investment managers with critical data about the use, movement and adoption of their models-only portfolios at participating sponsor firms
  • Greater transparency  for all parties – Provides investment managers with greater transparency in an industry that continues to move toward model-only, while sponsors benefit from a richer understanding of model usage and trends on their platforms

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