Messaging Services

Messaging Services from Fiserv provides clients with an efficient and standard way to get data into and out of our platforms and allows them to communicate in real time to different systems - including workflow solutions.


Profitability, performance and scalability are key business drivers facing the securities industry worldwide. As the range and complexity of asset classes being traded expands, organizations need trade processing solutions that can help them grow their businesses while containing operational costs.

Fiserv is focused on providing you with solutions offering real operational efficiencies and ultimately, cost savings. Messaging Services is designed as a real-time, single point of entry into account data and lifecycle. The solution provides a standards-based interface for accepting separately managed account (SMA) account management functions from external sources. Adopting the standards set forth by the Money Management Institute (MMI), Messaging Services enables you to handle your managed account business in a more efficient and scalable manner. In supporting the MMI standards, Messaging Services provides the opportunity to rapidly implement new connections between business partners.


  • Allows for the reception of either industry standard or proprietary messages to be processed as account management functions that are associated with the lifecycle of opening and maintaining your managed accounts, including separately managed accounts 
  • Gives your systems the ability to communicate with any Fiserv system by posting data and/or calling data out of the system for integration with other applications
  • Real-time data entry
    • No need to wait for overnight processing
    • Invest in new accounts/money faster
  • Eliminate dual entry
    • Save time
    • Reduce errors with automation
    • Improve resource allocation
  • Streamlined processing
    • Send multiple messages through a single Web service connection
  • Eliminate separate interface functions per update process

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For more information on Messaging Services and other Fiserv solutions, call us at 800-872-7882 or contact us.

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