Data Services

Data Services through the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv provides a real-time, single point of entry into account data and lifecycle that enables firms to handle their managed account business in a more efficient and scalable manner.


Financial institutions, wealth management firms, financial advisors, investors and market utilities rely on the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv for its robust Data Services capabilities, which include: data access, aggregation, analytics, visualization, account and trade messaging, and post-trade processing.

Easily integrate our data aggregation capabilities to support applications requiring held-away data in order to provide financial services companies and their clients with greater financial insight, enabling better-informed decisions. This increased insight helps strengthen relationships and provide opportunities to generate additional revenue.


  • Ability to monetize aggregation: Balance and transaction alerts help financial institutions attract new deposits, cross-sell services and increase retention. Opportunity alerts help advisors attract new assets and offer advice on held-away assets
  • Superior data quality: Clients benefit from data accuracy, completeness and coverage in order to deliver solutions that help monetize account aggregation
  • Ease of integration: Flexible deployment and integration options give financial services companies control over the user experience with minimal effort
  • Superior support: Proactive monitoring and issue resolution, combined with a performance dashboard and SLA reports ensure clients have a complete understanding of service performance 

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