Asset Manager Connect

Asset Manager Connect from Fiserv, available on the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv, simplifies connectivity between asset managers and managed account sponsors for streamlined workflow. This robust network includes access to 10 of the top 12 sponsors in the industry.


As asset managers increase distribution in managed account and model delivery programs, data access and exchange across multiple sponsor platforms can be cumbersome and inefficient. Lack of industry-standard communication and the existence of multiple sponsor platforms forces manager firms to access several systems to perform manual, repetitive tasks.
Asset Manager Connect streamlines the workflow process by providing a single point of entry for managers to communicate with sponsors on Wealth Management Network in a secure and auditable manner. Our web-based interface creates efficiency by automating data collection, modeling and trading notifications across multiple sponsor destinations. Asset Manager Connect simplifies the entire process of managing accounts by consolidating access to critical data and portfolio management tools and helping to drive growth and greater efficiency across the managed account network.


  • Single gateway to all sponsors on the Fiserv network
  • Web-based interface to portfolio management, trading and reporting tools
  • Access to holdings, transactions and executions for trading and reconciliation across numerous sponsor programs
  • Asset managers can securely manage portfolios without the need for multiple tokens and several access points
  • Trades for multiple sponsor programs can be imported, routed and monitored intra-day using our trade network monitor

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