Investment Management

Investment Management from Fiserv connects Portfolio Managers, Traders and Administrators by supporting the entire trading process—from account screening and portfolio validation to order generation and trade execution.


Today’s portfolio managers need technology solutions that connect key trading functionality to the investment decision-making process so they can stay focused on delivering value to their clients. The Investment Management solution from Fiserv supports the entire trading process — from account screening and portfolio validation to order generation and trade execution. By combining industry accepted trading best practices with advanced technology, Investment Management can deliver a proven solution that allows investment managers to:

  • Construct portfolios
  • Perform real-time “what-if”? analysis
  • Conduct risk analysis
  • Implement informed decisions more quickly

Effective trading practices are a critical component of the investment management process. Trading systems are often not part of an integrated environment that connects portfolio managers with their traders and portfolio administrators. As part of the Trading Solution, Investment Management solution provides traders with the necessary technology to be fully integrated within the investment management process and execute trades in a timely and efficient manner.


Manage Risk and Credit Exposure

Investment Management solution enables managers to incorporate potential risk factors into the trade generating process. Managers can choose to use the Risk Model, a feature of Investment Management, or a third-party risk model.

Greater Efficiencies through Management-by-Exception

Investment Management solution automates complex and repetitive processes, thus reducing errors and improving workflow. It also tracks individual portfolios against portfolio models or benchmarks, thereby generating exception reports that highlight accounts in need of attention. Automation and portfolio tracking increase productivity and free portfolio managers to concentrate on core business activities.

Communication Facilitator

Investment Management provides a closed-loop information exchange that facilitates communication between all members of the investment team. Portfolio managers, traders and operations team members can all fully leverage their unique abilities for maximum investment performance.

Policy Guidelines and Investment Restrictions

Portfolio managers can define rules to ensure portfolios remain in compliance with their charter, regulations, policy guidelines and investment restrictions. Investment Management enables management firms to enforce company policies, restrict purchases and sales in prohibited securities, and assign multiple compliance restrictions to accounts

Unparalleled Integration

An open architecture enables easy integration with existing legacy systems and connectivity to a variety of platforms and systems using XML and FIX industry-standard protocols. Portfolio managers can utilize powerful order management capabilities to execute orders through any trading venue or choose to integrate Investment Management with any existing order management system.

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