Performance Reporting

Meet the evolving demands of the investment industry with Performance Reporting from Fiserv. With superior functionality, flexibility and scalability, our solution provides the integration and efficiency that financial institutions need. Seamlessly creating top quality customer communications and internal performance reporting documents, Performance Reporting makes processes simple and efficient.


Save time and improve composite performance with reliable accommodating technology. Performance Reporting is GIPS®-compliant; meeting the CFA standard that requires all portfolios to include at least one composite, with rate of return calculated using the asset-weighted coverage of the portfolio’s market value. Our performance platform provides three methods for investment managers to calculate composite performance: dollar-weighted, equal-weighted and pooled, or aggregate.

Performance Reporting is a highly functional solution, able to provide high-end performance calculations including: risk, GIPS statistics, and money-weighted and time-weighted performance utilizing the Modified Dietz and daily exact valuation formulas. The time-weighted formulas accurately measure portfolio management activity by removing all effects of client activity such as contributions or withdrawals and provide an undistorted return by the amount or the timing of cash flows.


  • Portfolio Management & Trading (formerly APL℠) automates performance measurement and analytics
  • GIPS compliance ensures commitment to best practices
  • Post and load historical performance data at the click of a button
  • Multi-level views provide insight into performance and risk in individual portfolios, combined portfolios (household) and composites
  • Sleeve-level capabilities for unified managed accounts
  • Net and gross fee calculations – net of fees can be calculated net of advisory management fees or run net of alternate fees, such as custodial fees
  • Wide variety of reports compare calculations, posted performance and audit returns
  • Standard benchmark or dynamic blended benchmark can be used for accounts and composites

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