Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting from Fiserv can deliver advanced, comprehensive and customizable customer reporting for your firm and your investors - all while providing you with cost efficiencies, risk reduction and the ability to create competitive differentiation.


Customer reporting is a critical and complicated process for investment managers. The need for on-time, accurate, and reliable performance reports is paramount. The process of extracting data from the portfolio accounting system, to the report generation, to the production and fulfillment, is a complex task.

Fiserv provides a comprehensive platform for deploying high-volume and on-demand statements. We offer rapidly deployed and relatively inexpensive standard templates as well as fully customized reporting packages with virtually limitless options on style and content for Investor Reporting templates. Our reports combine the power of APL data/functionality with state-of-the-art design capability.

Increased Customization of Statement Reports

  • Increasing trend of UMA/UMH account requirements with the proliferation of manager sleeves and their consequent reporting needs
  • Expansion of style analysis beyond traditional investment styles including alternative asset classes

Increased Interest in New Reporting Formats

  • Demand for reports targeting a particular demographic (that is, retirees)
  • Movement away from traditional benchmarking towards goal based reporting
  • Demand for reports that can capture behavioral investment assumptions as opposed to traditional mean-variance models


  • Virtually limitless options on style and content for Investor Reporting templates
  • Reports can be produced in multiple file formats: PDF, PS, AFP, XML, HTML and more
  • Proven technology with the ability to scale


  • Provide on-demand reporting
  • Reduce risk with hosted solution featuring automated quarter-end batch and state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Scale operations and facilities as account growth increases
  • Generate statement images according to your schedule
  • Output a variety of formats such as PDF and postscript
  • Integrate with state-of-the-art Fiserv printing facilities that offer a complete end-to-end solution
  • Create and distribute household statements which allow investors to recieve packaged statements that include all accounts in a household

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