Investor Needs Analysis

Investor Needs Analysis from Fiserv is a robust, self-directed financial planning tool. Designed to be run from your financial institution’s website, Investor Needs Analysis enables your end-user customers to create customized financial and retirement plans.


More and more consumers are taking the initiative to manage their financial futures – not only with their investment strategies, but in creating their own financial plans as well. Simple financial calculators are no longer sufficient. What is needed are sophisticated tools with financial needs analysis and planning capabilities that are on par with those used by Certified Financial Planners – all within an easy-to-use application.

Investor Needs Analysis was designed to fill that gap between robust financial planning tools and old-fashioned calculators. Using this robust planning tool, either the financial advisor or the consumer can initiate needs analysis.

Benefits of Investor Needs Analysis include:

  • New prospect engagement: You can attract and engage new prospects by offering the most compelling, easy-to use online tools designed for self-directed consumers
  • Easy collaboration with experts: Call center agents can share screens and data to guide users through the process, or provide immediate follow-up with additional product information and recommendations
  • Seamless integration with AdvisorVision from Fiserv as client relationships grow: Investor Needs Analysis is built on the same data and application platform as AdvisorVision, with access to the same back-office applications – allowing a smooth, consistent transition as the prospect relationship moves from an initial self-directed needs analysis to a more comprehensive advisor consultation
  • Capability to highlight the need for a variety of products: The powerful planning engine within Investor Needs Analysis can support a customized front-end or user interface. This feature leads prospects through virtually any financial needs analysis to assess the need for any product, whether it is a retirement income product, asset allocation strategy or life insurance


  • Brandable user interface: The Web design can be configured with your own look and feel
  • Customized risk assessments: The risk assessment methodology can be personalized to help tailor advice and promote specific products
  • Portfolio construction: Make portfolio recommendations based on the plan objectives and personalized risk assessment
  • Data integration ready: Allows for the import of customer demographic and account data from outside or back-office sources
  • Goal analysis: The program’s module format allows for the selection of a broad range of prioritized goals, such as retirement and education planning, for a holistic plan with alternative funding strategies
  • Debt management: Review strategies for reducing your customers' debt loads to reach financial objectives
  • Insurance analysis: Provide your customers with models showing the effects of life, disability, and long term care insurance
  • Professional output: Clear, easy-to-understand customer reports can be configured to match your marketing approved style guide

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