Financial Advice Management

Choose powerful financial planning tools from Fiserv designed specifically for financial advisors working directly with clients in real-world, detailed planning scenarios.

The need for financial planning and advice is greater than ever. As investors take more focused interest and accountability over their financial health, advisors must employ a comprehensive approach to help clients attain financial and lifestyle goals such as retirement, college or a vacation home. The dreams have not changed, just the investment plans designed to achieve them.

Our Solution

A best-in-class financial planning technology suite of products, Financial Advice Management solutions from Fiserv offer:

  • Goals-based and comprehensive plans including retirement, education and accumulation
  • Integrated proposal generation with digital delivery
  • Seamless account opening, portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • Investor needs analysis
  • Real-time collaborative planning with interactive data entry and numerous what-if scenarios


Among many other benefits, with Financial Advice Management you gain:

Financial Advice Management screen
Fiserv financial planning technology is optimized for mobile so advisors can work anytime, anywhere.
  • Best-in-class technology coupled with ease of use: Our solutions were designed by financial planners for financial planners, and developed specifically to improve workflow efficiency, increase productivity and enhance client relationships. Watch our webinar to see how
  • Convenience and flexibility: The web-based modular design with role-based entitlements allows custom configurations to support any advisor preference
  • Support advisor growth: Serve independent advisors or integrate with large enterprise applications and infrastructure. Share data across teams or restrict it to roles-based entitlement. With online access to financial plans, advisors can collaborate with clients for superior customer service and with other advisors to facilitate cross-selling
  • Total solution set of financial advisor tools: Purchased as stand-alone tools or integrated into our middle- and back-office technologies, we offer your firm end-to-end planning, execution and reporting solutions
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Technology is Changing Financial Planning

Data aggregation enables advisors to create more accurate and useful plans, giving clients a better picture of how to reach their goals.

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