Fiserv has a thrift bank platform that will help you lay a strong foundation for your savings and loan, no matter what your needs are.

A superior banking platform lays the foundation for your success as a thrift. You need a bank platform that creates efficiencies by improving your key processes. You also need to enhance performance across your organization by leveraging industry-specific tools. Most importantly, you need a scalable, flexible platform with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that will help you meet customers’ evolving needs.

Fiserv offers thrift bank platforms around the globe, and in all of the United States. In fact, among U.S. banks, more than one in three operates on a Fiserv bank platform. Why? Because Fiserv provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses all of their performance and growth concerns. We can help your savings and loan, too.

Our Solution

Choose from the industry's widest range of thrift bank platforms, available for in-house or outsourced processing. All are created with a broad, deep understanding of thrift banking that adds value at every level. Each has a combination of services and features as unique as the needs of your organization. We offer:

  • Innovation: The differentiator in the banking industry. Our advanced thrift bank platforms help financial institutions improve customer service, streamline back-office operations and compete more effectively throughout the United States and around the world
  • Integration: Our SOA empowers you to integrate an extensive product portfolio with third-party systems to create a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. Fully integrate your financial institution's key functions, including deposits, loans, customer information, general ledger and accounting
  • Experience: Delight your customers with the convenience, consistency and value they increasingly demand. Our thrift bank platforms enable financial institutions to increase growth and generate loyalty by providing employees and customers with real-time data across multiple channels


A Fiserv banking solution ensures cost savings for you and the best experience possible for your employees and customers. Among many other benefits, with Fiserv you gain:

  • Business agility: Fiserv bank platforms — Cleartouch®, DNA™, Precision™, Premier® and Signature™ — enable financial institutions to efficiently manage a wide range of activities such as account opening, deposits, withdrawals, loans, customer information management, and general ledger and accounting tasks. Each Fiserv thrift bank platform has unique capabilities, but all of them help our financial institution clients improve customer service and streamline their back-office operations
  • Customer loyalty: The ability to provide an exceptional experience helps you retain current customers, attract new ones and expand customers’ relationships with your financial institution, helping ensure strong, continued growth
  • Intuitive, effective tools that increase employee satisfaction: Our systems are easy to use, with instinctive navigation and an SOA that helps your employees gain and retain customers

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