TradeFlow™ from Fiserv is a transaction processing and exception-management solution which enables clients to manage their entire post-trade processing workflow from trade capture to settlement confirmation. 



Profitability, performance and scalability are key business drivers facing the securities industry worldwide. As trading volumes increase and the range and complexity of newer asset classes being traded expands, organizations need solutions that help them grow their business while containing operational costs.

TradeFlow enables clients to manage the entire post-trade process from trade capture to settlement confirmation across multiple asset types. Adhering to the Securities Market Practice Group (SMPG) and industry best practices, TradeFlow provides intelligent enrichment, validation and routing based on pre-determined business criteria.

TradeFlow is designed to enable organizations to efficiently manage workflow, monitor exceptions and measure the transaction flow of securities, foreign exchange (FX), money markets, derivatives, repo and cash trades across the enterprise, while minimizing operational risk and increasing efficiencies.

This complete transaction processing solution helps you manage the entire post-trade process within a single integrated environment. The solution facilitates business growth, enabling you to rapidly add new customers or instruments onto a common platform.


TradeFlow enables you to achieve:

  • Efficiencies in post-trade processing: Offers a single platform for multi-asset post-trade processing to enable you to efficiently manage your operations and benefit from reduced operating costs 
  • A scalable business model: Provides your organization with the ability to scale with projected industry increases in transaction volumes while minimizing operational overheads. This enables you to rapidly take on new clients and instrument classes and support global expansion 
  • Minimized operational risk and losses: Helps reduce losses and manage exceptions effectively by identifying them early in the process. The solution delivers timely and accurate exchanges of business-critical information by automating the communication between clients, agents and counterparties
  • Increased customer service: Enables you to achieve customer service excellence and develop competitive advantage by accelerating the information exchange with customers and proactively alerting the business when potential customer issues arise
  • Cross-asset class capabilities: From FX and money market, to equities, fixed income, OTC and exchange-traded derivatives, Repo and mutual funds 
  • Sophisticated workflow and business process modeling solutions: Provide exceptional “pre-packaged”? capabilities for trade capture, confirmation and settlement across industry standard platforms 
  • A wide range of interfaces to industry utilities:  Fully integrated workflow interfaces with DTCC, SWIFT, Omgeo and MarkitSERV provide links to investment managers, brokers and custodians 

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