Global Investment Manager

Global Investment Manager® from Fiserv is a fully scalable, enterprise-wide solution for portfolio accounting and performance measurement, which streamlines data on a round-the-clock basis, and enables asset managers to maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


Institutional investors have a mission critical need for enterprise-wide connectivity. Global Investment Manager fulfills this necessity by offering a fully-scalable portfolio accounting and performance measurement solution that is easily integrated with firms’ existing IT infrastructure. Serving as an enhancement to critical information systems, Global Investment Manager eliminates overhead that is often associated with new technology, and instead bridges the gaps caused by legacy structures. This flexibility not only mitigates the overall timeframe and cost of deployment, but it also allows organizations to maintain full control over their proprietary data.

Global Investment Manager operates within an open architecture, single-relational database that supports a global spectrum of traditional financial instruments, as well as newer, innovative products that are highly profitable for institutional investors. Each market transaction is stored on a round-the-clock basis in five currencies: trade, settlement, exposure, client base and firm. This provides asset managers with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in reporting and managing their global portfolios. Asset managers are also able to eliminate borders by purchasing global securities for any account, regardless of location and the base currency in which the instrument is actively traded.

Using actual prices, spot and forward exchange rates, Global Investment Manager facilitates valuations in any global currency. This creates a substantial value for portfolio managers that actively manage foreign exchange positions and exposure; up-to-the-minute pricing and rates also allow them to make investment decisions with the most current data available.


Global Investment Manager facilitates seamless data aggregation for financial institutions that operate worldwide, and require instantaneous access to valuable business intelligence.

Key capabilities include:

  • Functions as the hub of your enterprise, allowing for multiple file and data types to be imported or exported in support of a consistent messaging architecture
  • Currency-agnostic functionalities for accounting and portfolio management
  • 24x7 global performance reporting across regions and currencies
  • Supports extensive range of asset classes for institutional investing strategies
    • Derivatives
    • FX trades and currency agnostic transactions
    • Alternative and illiquid assets
    • Fixed-income products
    • Synthetic holdings
    • Equities, ETFs
  • Enables exception-based reporting, allowing data to be purified when required
  • Provides permission levels for end users that are configured and maintained by a technical administrator
  • Establishes both simple rules and complex queries to access system workflow data for verification and output, or further analysis
  • Runs output reports in multiple formats, including standard spreadsheet formats like .xml, .csv, .xls, and .txt

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